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Here’s What People are Saying about
The Crowdfunding Conference

The Crowdfunding Conference is the place where each year, the most important players convene to discuss raising capital in the digital era. Here’s what some of our attendees have to say about the event.

“It was one of the best conferences I've been to and the most comprehensive one on crowdfunding yet. Much appreciated.”
-Kendrick Nguyen, Republic

“It was a great conference.  The people who attended were high quality, which made the conference well worth it.”
-Lou Taubman, Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li

“It was a great event. Really enjoyed the panel discussion as well.”
-Aaron Kellner, SeedInvest

“Thank you for the experience.  Everything went really well.  I was able to meet and talk to many people. The conference topics were all very timely and informative. “
-Sheila Cockburn, iDisclose

“It was a great event and a very strong agenda throughout.  Congratulations on pulling it all together!”
-Rory Eakin, CircleUp

“You guys were terrific and the conference was very successful.  The content was terrific as was the networking.”
-David Feldman, Duane Morris

“You guys did a great job with the event and the crowd was high quality.”
-Scott Purcell, FundAmerica

“Great conference last week!  It was invaluable to hear how people are navigating these waters to date.”
-Jessen L. Gregory, Esq., Ruddy Gregory

“The Conference was instrumental in my learning the basics and some advanced concepts/ideas on Crowdfunding and other financing alternatives - public and private.”
-Arthur Viola, Daniels Companies of New York

“The content and speakers were outstanding and there was never a lull in the momentum of content delivered - very refreshing.”
-Harry J. Kobritz, SHM Corporate Navigators

“By all means I found the conference useful.  I certainly learned a lot about options for raising capital, which is what I needed.”
-Steve Sears, Stationery Factory

“The conference was great!”
-Mike Knox, Goldridge Asset Management

“The conference was a good one because the quality of the people were better than any other event.  The speakers and attendees were the real deal.”
-Mike Michalakis, ShinDig Events

“Great conference.  I liked the format and the speakers were excellent - I learned a lot.”
-Phillips W. Smith, ATS Armor

“The conference was great - the education I needed and a good deal of inspiration too.”
-Philip Verges, Hudson Fulton

“DealFlow put on a great conference - thank you for including us.”
-Sarah Legenza, SenaHill Partners

“It was an excellent conference.”
-Sheri Kaiserman, Wedbush Securities

“I enjoyed the conference – thanks for your help and support.”
-Joan Dromey, -Computershare

“The conference was very useful and enjoyable.”
-Romesh Jayawickrama, -BankerBay

“I learned everything I wanted and made some useful connections - great event.”
-Kirk Washington, Washington & Associates 

“It was a great event and I was very glad to participate.”
-Markley S. Roderick-, Flaster Greenberg PC

“I enjoyed it!”
-Lou Kerner, Flight VC

“The quality of speakers/panelists was really fantastic, so thanks again and great job.”
-Amy Wan, Crowdfundinglawyers.net

“I enjoyed the conference a lot.”
-Timo Lehes, VentureLink

“It was a great event and we were happy to be a part of it.”
-Georgia Quinn, iDisclose

“We're really impressed with DealFlow Events.  We got a lot of great information and contacts from The Crowdfunding Conference.”
-Jeff Holmes, First Ascent Associates

“I really enjoyed it. Great content.”
-Vincent Ryan, Digital Content

“I really had a great time.”
-Sateesh Srinivasan, Amazon Launchpad

“You must be really proud of your team. It was a great event!”
- George S. Georgiades, Esq., Georgiades & Associates

“I enjoyed it - thanks for inviting us!”
-Adam Carver, AngelList

“It was a great event. It would be great to do more with DealFlow next year.”
-Brian S. Korn, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

“It was a pleasure participating at your event.  Everything was run professionally and efficiently.  When the time comes to plan for next year, we would love to be included again!”
-Allen Jebsen, StartEngine

“I enjoyed the conference and seeing old friends and meeting new ones.”
-Karen Kerrigan, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to be part of the conference.  It was a great event.”
-Dan Zinn, OTC Markets Group Inc.

The Industry’s Leading Investors & Deal‑makers

Legal counsel specializing in broker-dealer regulation and compliance along with securities offerings under the JOBS Act.

Joan Adler
Ellenoff Grossman & Schole

Securities regulation attorney; former deputy chief counsel at FINRA overseeing enforcement actions.

Scott Andersen

Advocate for Israel's technology innovation, working to bring capital to the region's high-tech startups.

Mor Assia

Equity crowdfunding platform operator and manager of VC Index Fund; Forbes contributor on capital raising.

Chance Barnett

Award-winning journalist appearing in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Politico, Investor's Business Daily.

John Berlau
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Senior Fellow

Expert in going-public and private placement transactions; skilled legal counsel and advisor representing companies raising capital.

Lou Bevilacqua
Bevilacqua PLLC

Mortgage technology expert; responsible for new business origination at RealtyMogul.

Elizabeth Braman
Chief Production Officer

Leads partnerships and investor development for AngelList; co-chair of NYCVC; mentor at Techstars.

Adam Carver

Leading venture capitalist managing over $3.6 billion; board of directors of CircleUp and Orchard Platform.

Dan Ciporin
Canaan Partners
General Partner

Journalist and thought-leader; recognized as an expert in local investing, community capital, and crowdfunding.

Amy Cortese

Deputy Director of Policy and Associate General Counsel; experienced in regulatory and legislative issues.

Anya Coverman
Deputy Director of Policy and Associate General Counsel

Operating real estate lending marketplace; previously led the launch of Republic Wireless.

Brian Dally
Co-founder, CEO

Building online alternatives investing platform; previously with Goldman Sachs, PIMCO, and the Federal Reserve.

Tania Das
Chief Operating Officer

Active fintech investor/merchant bank; investor in online platforms Axial, WealthForge.

Neil DeSena
SenaHill Partners
Managing Partner

Attorney and CPA, experienced in both legal and financial matters and focused on corporate/securities law.

Peter DiChiara
Carmel, Milazzo & DiChiara

Experienced digital media pro; publisher of leading news site covering crowdfunding and marketplace lending.

Andrew Dix
Crowdfund Insider
Founder, CEO

Leads North American development on products for issuers of exempt, private, and non-traded securities.

Joan Dromey
Senior Product Manager, Private Markets

Operates popular online broker-dealer for consumer and retail companies; expert in private placement platform technology.

Rory Eakin
Founder, COO

Investment banker focused on emerging growth companies; experienced in online capital markets.

Mark Elenowitz
BANQ / TriPoint Global Equities
Founder, CEO

Leading advocate and legal advisor to crowdfunding platforms; active counsel to companies raising capital; chairman at iDisclose.

Doug Ellenoff
Ellenoff Grossman & Schole

Legal expert on corporate and financing matters; author of books on startups and reverse mergers.

David Feldman
Duane Morris

20 years of experience investing in angel-to-mature stage companies; focused on emerging consumer brands.

Sarah Foley
SWAT Equity Partners
Managing Director

Veteran FINRA regulator; oversees advertising regulation with emphasis on complex and novel products.

Ira Gluck
Manager in Advertising Regulation Department

Expert in Reg A and online capital raising; former hedge fund GC; legal counsel to companies raising capital.

Yoel Goldfeder
VStock Transfer

Public and investor relations pro; focused on traditional, digital and social media outreach.

Dian Griesel
Dian Griesel International

Leading Internet entrepreneur and investor; over $300M in exits and 200 investments.

Fabrice Grinda
FJ Labs
Co-founder, Partner

Legal advisor to businesses seeking financing; expert on regulatory matters related to the JOBS Act.

Sam Guzik
Guzik & Associates

Operates global PE platform and deal management network; co-founder of Swiss Startup Association.

Urs Haeusler

Due diligence expert; former GC of Congressional Oversight Panel and Chief of International Corp Fin at SEC.

Sara Hanks
Founder, CEO

Active early stage venture investor focused on media and tech; investor in SeedInvest.

Bradley Harrison
Scout Ventures
Founder, Partner

Expert in online deal sourcing and M&A technology; former CEO of PE Nexus (acquired by Intralinks).

Anthony Hill
Intralinks Dealnexus

Building the next-generation data analytics platform for hedge funds; former managing director at BNP Paribas and Bank of America.

Sam Hocking
Founder, CEO

Specialist in emerging markets; former head of sales for CLSA (Singapore) and director of equities at ING.

Romesh Jayawickrama
Co-founder, CEO

Sales and marketing executive building public platform for private company funding.

Allen Jebsen
Director of Business Development

Background in banking and equity analysis; former Goldman Sachs on NYSE's market maker desk.

Aaron Kellner

AngelList syndicates investor; founder of Social Internet Fund; expert on secondary share investments.

Lou Kerner
Flight VC

Public policy expert on entrepreneurship; founding member of World Entrepreneurship Forum.

Karren Kerrigan
Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

Head of Digital Finance and Marketplace Lending in the Capital Markets practice group at Manatt.

Brian Korn
Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

Building cloud-based infrastructure for asset managers to better manage, communicate with, and find investors.

Sang Lee

Founder, investor, and advisor focused on Internet and software startups; 30+ early-stage investments.

Timo Lehes
Founding Partner

Online capital markets expert in private equity and M&A; part of early team at Gerson Lehrman Group.

Peter Lehrman
Founder, CEO

Partner managing the fintech practice at Nelson Mullins; former general counsel at SeedInvest.

Kiran Lingam
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough

Market commentator and expert in alternative investments, digital currencies, and equity crowdfunding.

Steven Lord

Attorney and academic focused on federal securities law, specifically matters related to the JOBS Act.

Joan MacLeod Heminway
University of Tennessee
W.P. Toms Distinguished Professor of Law

Pioneer in digital communications for crowdfunding campaigns; branding and marketing expert; CfPA board member.

Darren Marble

Serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist; former CEO of Vringo and Israel Seed Partners.

Jon Medved

Active venture investor; board of directors at Gust, Fab.com, Idealab; investor in Axial.

Howard Morgan
First Round Capital
Co-founder, Partner

Active syndicate investor on AngelList; investor in online finance, lending, marketing, publishing.

Phil Nadel
Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners
Co-founder, Partner

Specializing in LP and GP advisory services and fund administration for equity crowdfunding platforms.

Jeremy Neilson
Assure Services
Founder, CEO

Focused on bringing angel investing to Main Street through partnership with AngelList, former hacker at AngelList.

Kendrick Nguyen
Co-founder, CEO

Founder of one of the largest equity-based crowdfunding platforms; outspoken supporter of entrepreneurship.

Mike Norman
Co-founder, President

Oversees policies of agency divisions involved in regulation of financial services industry.

Ronak Patel
Kelly Hart & Hallman

Serial entrepreneur with experience in banking, securities, and technology; operates execution platform for online investing.

Scott Purcell
Founder, CEO

Alternative finance attorney; assisting entrepreneurs and startups with legal and advisory resources.

Georgia Quinn
Co-founder, CEO

Executive with two decades of experience building broker-dealer platforms; former president of BB&T Securities Services.

Bill Robbins

Capital markets attorney with concentration on representing issuers; spearheads the firm's crowdfunding practice.

Mark Roderick
Flaster Greenberg

Entrepreneur, investor, and author, called "New York's Archangel" by Forbes; chairman emeritus of the New York Angels.

David Rose
Founder, CEO

Co-founder of largest global crowdfunding platform; previous strategy consultant at Goldman Sachs.

Slava Rubin

Veteran journalist covering equity capital markets with specialty in banking and corporate finance.

Vincent Ryan
CFO Publishing
Editor-in-Chief, Digital Content

Securities attorney operating crowdfunding website for real estate investments.

Allen Shayanfekr
Founder, CEO

Veteran journalist covering small business and entrepreneurship for the WSJ; former editor at Money and Forbes.

Ruth Simon
The Wall Street Journal
Senior Special Writer

Head of Amazon’s Launchpad program; product leader in Amazon’s Prime/Kindle division; former general manager of the Home & Garden business.

Sateesh Srinivasan
Head of Amazon Launchpad

Active early stage venture investor; over 80 investments across technology, finance, media and crowdfunding.

David Teten
ff Venture Capital

Representing issuers, brokers and investors in connection with going-public transactions; expert in both private and public finance.

Lou Taubman
Hunter Taubman Fischer & Li

A 26-year veteran of the capital markets and co-founder of marketing and relationship-building platform HedgeConnection.

Lisa Vioni

Attorney specializing in real estate crowdfunding and marketplace lending; former general counsel at Patch of Land.

Amy Wan

In house counsel to the largest transparent platform for securities trading; widely respected crowdfunding and Reg A+ advocate.

Daniel Zinn
OTC Markets
General Counsel

The Agenda: Timely Programming & Innovative Ideas

Our program managers developed The Crowdfunding Conference agenda by vetting the major issues and trends in the market. At all times, our focus is on providing high-quality content, and innovative ideas. Purchase the complete Audio/Book Kit today.

  • Overview of Key Changes in Private Capital Formation
  • One-on-One “Fireside Chat” to Discuss the Momentum behind Online Venture Capital
  • Crowdfunding Platforms: Updates and Anecdotes from 2016 Funding Activity
  • What Broker-dealers Need to Know About Online Capital Formation
  • One-on-One “Fireside Chat” to Discuss Venture Capital Industry Dynamics
  • How “Marketplace Investing” is Changing the Private Markets
  • One-on-One “Fireside Chat” to Discuss making Crowdfunded Investments
  • One-on-One “Fireside Chat” to Discuss the Future of Fundraising
  • Regulation A+: The New “Mini IPO”
  • One-on-One “Fireside Chat” to Discuss the Dynamics of Online Deal Platforms
  • Online Deal Marketing, Using Internet Portals, & Investor Relations
  • Blue Sky Laws, Intrastate Crowdfunding, and Updates on Recent Legislative Proposals
  • Legal & Regulatory Considerations in Operating a Crowdfunding Portal or Private Placement Platform for Accredited Investors
  • Making sure your Private Deal Isn’t Accidentally made Public
  • Reg A+ Bridge Financings
  • One-on-One “Fireside Chat” to Discuss Accredited Investor Network
  • One-on-One “Fireside Chat” to Discuss Using Data to Find Investment Opportunities
  • AngelList Syndicates: From the Trenches
  • M&A, Private Equity & Middle Market Deal Platforms
  • Amazon Launchpad: Marketing Trends and Best Practices for Consumer Product Companies
  • Broker-dealer Compliance & Back-end Technologies in the Age of Online Capital Formation
  • Real Estate Crowdfunding & Lending Update
  • One-on-One “Fireside Chat” to Discuss the Early-stage Investment Landscape
  • Online Alternative Asset Platforms for Hedge Funds and Private Equity

Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors for their Collaboration and Support

The Roosevelt Hotel
45 East 45th Street
New York, NY 10017

The Roosevelt Hotel is an iconic venue in close proximity to Grand Central Station and the vibrant business activity in midtown Manhattan.

The Crowdfunding Conference was held in one of Manhattan’s few remaining traditional ballrooms. With original Tiffany chandeliers, a gold-gilded 27-foot-tall ceiling, and colossal windows, the spectacular Grand Ballroom accommodated the large audience.

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